• Coachman Car Insurance Quotes (Ontario)

    For a car insurance quote with Coachman insurance, call me at: 416-646-0156 Coachman is an insurance company that specializes in insuring rehabilitating drivers. What’s a rehabilitating driver? That would be a driver that other companies might consider ‘high risk’ and would decline to insure. A rehabilitating driver might have a few accidents or tickets on … Read More
  • Echelon Insurance – Accidents, Tickets, Impaired, Suspensions

    To get a car insurance quote with Echelon Insurance, call me at: 416-646-0156 Echelon is a unique insurance company, in that it is one of the very few companies in Ontario that is willing to insure ‘high risk’ drivers. By high risk, I mean people with less than desirable driving records. That could include people … Read More