We are a team of top-rated and reviewed insurance brokers for Ontario high-risk drivers with DUI convictions, accidents, tickets, license suspensions, and cancellations

Our team quotes the cheapest rates from Ontario high risk insurance companies Jevco, Echelon, Coachman, Pafco, Economical, Nordic and have some of the best Google reviews in the industry. Our customers love us. High risk drivers – Call for a cheap quote for your car, van, SUV, or pickup truck: 1-888-467-5499

Providing various Insurance services

We provide complete and comprehensive insurance coverage, including: car, pickup truck, home, condo, tenant’s, business, high risk, and substandard. For high risk drivers, we can insure you even if you have a DUI or a careless driving conviction with top companies like Echelon and Jevco.

High Risk Car Insurance

Great rates for drivers with dings on their record.

Regular Car Insurance

Cheap rates for drivers with clean driving records.

Home Insurance

Insure your home, condo, or apartment.

Business Insurance

insure your business liability and property.

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    Absolutely! We’re high risk insurance brokers. This is what we specialize in. Ontario high risk insurance quotes is what we do. And, we love doing it! We love helping high risk drivers save money, no matter if they live in Mississauga, in St Thomas, in Thunder Bay, or anywhere else in the province!

    No matter if you have serious convictions like DUI, impaired, drinking and driving, or careless driving, or if you have multiple tickets like speeding or cell phone tickets with demerit points, or multiple at-fault accidents, or license suspensions, or insurance policy cancellations, we can insure you with a bad driving record and we offer monthly payments for eligible customers. Call us for a quote, no matter if you live in Woodstock, Innisfil, or Ajax!

    Certainly. Some of the main discounts include multi-line discounts for doing a home, condo, or tenant’s insurance policy together with the auto, discounts for having winter tires, discounts for having a CAA membership, and graduated licensing discounts, even if you have a DUI charge. How much will your policy cost after all of the discounts? Call us to find out!

    Easy! We shop the market for you to try to get the cheapest rates. Did you know that there are only a handful of high risk auto insurance companies that operate in Ontario? They include Echelon, Jevco, Coachman, Nordic, Economical (used to operate under the name Perth), and Pafco. All of these companies have put their trust in us to find them customers. And, they compete in trying to give you the best rate. We get quotes from all six, compare, and then quote you with the lowest rate. The average high risk insurance broker doesn’t have access to all six companies. We do and that sets us apart. And, our customers love us. They give us awesome Google reviews.

    Whether you need high risk car insurance in Toronto or anywhere else in the province, including cities like Ottawa, Hamilton, Kitchener, or Kingston, call us. We have a toll-free number.

    We’re not just high risk insurance brokers. We also insure good drivers. We’re a full service brokerage located in Toronto that insures drivers across Ontario, including Cornwall, Oshawa, and Georgetown. We have some of the lowest rates in the industry for good drivers. Call us for a quote!


    We provide complete and comprehensive insurance coverage, including: car, pickup truck, home, condo, tenant’s, business, high risk, and substandard.

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