Our job is to get you the best car insurance quote, period!

How do we do it?

We have contracts with over a dozen Ontario car insurance companies. In one shot we can quote you with all of them, compare the rates, and give you the one that best fits your profile. That’s much better than calling a dozen insurance companies yourself, wouldn’t you say? Of course, and it also means that we save you time. Not only will we try to find you a competitive rate, we will also analyze your situation to give you all the additional discounts you’re qualified for. We’ll do this automatically – You don’t even have to ask!

Who should call us?

Drivers that are looking for a competitive rate on their auto insurance should call us! We’re located in Toronto, Ontario, but we service drivers across the province. We have competitive rates for drivers with spotless driving records, as well as drivers with ‘bad’ drivers records.

Some insurance companies refer to drivers with ‘bad’ driving records as ‘high risk’. Don’t worry, if they told you that you’re high risk, it might not be as bad as you think. Call us.

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