What Is An ADLS Suspension In Ontario?

This is a common scenario…

You have a drink or two while out for dinner. You don’t think you’re over the legal blood-alcohol limit for driving in Ontario. You decide to drive home. Along the way, you go through a RIDE check and are asked to blow into a breathalyzer by the police. You blow. You’re over the limit. What happens now?

ADLS suspension

Here’s what happens right off the bat – You get an automatic driver’s license suspension. It’s called a ADLS suspension, short for “administrative driver’s license suspension,” and that’s how it will show up on your driver’s abstract. See more at Service Ontario.

An ADLS suspension is an administrative suspension. It’s considered administrative because you haven’t actually been convicted of something, just charged. You get this suspension automatically whenever you’re convicted of an alcohol-related offense like over 80, impaired, DUI, or refuse breathalyzer.

Does an ADLS suspension affect car insurance rates?

An ADLS suspension does not affect car insurance rates. It can’t because it’s merely an administrative suspension and you have not been convicted of anything. However, when you do get convicted of the charge, the conviction will affect your insurance rates, as will the subsequent suspension.

Can you be denied car insurance with an ADLS suspension?

A car insurance company in Ontario will not decline you for having an ADLS suspension. However, they will decline to insure you if you try to apply for a new policy while your license is currently suspended. You’ll have to wait until your license is re-instated to get a new policy.

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