Ajax High Risk Car Insurance – Impaired/DUI/Over 80

Impaired/DUI/Over 80 Conviction In Ajax? We can Insure You

We fully support MADD, but that doesn’t mean that good people can’t make mistakes. Heck, we’ve all made mistakes. We don’t judge.

If you live in Ajax, Ontario and have been convicted of an alcohol offense, including Impaired, DUI, Over 80, or Refuse Breathalyzer, call us. We can insure you. We want to insure you. We want to help. We, more than anyone else, no that good people make mistakes.

Great rates in Ajax for high risk insurance

If you’ve have a DUI conviction, you’re considered to be high risk by the car insurance companies in Ontario. Don’t let the “high risk” label scare you, though. The rates are likely better than you think, especially since you live in Ajax. Ajax has a population of just about 120,000. That’s small enough to get the small town rates. Insurance companies generally charge less to insure people that live in small towns.

There are only a handful of insurance companies that specialize in high risk insurance in Ontario, including Echelon, Jevco, Coachman, Pafco, and Economical. When you call for a quote, we can check them all to try to get you the cheapest price.

Given that you live in Ajax and that we deal with all of the high risk companies, you can rest assured that you’re calling the right people to help you!

We insure other high risk drivers too

Not only do we insure drivers with alcohol convictions, we also insure other drivers that happen to be categorized as high risk. That would include drivers with multiple tickets, including serious convictions like Careless Driving, accidents, and cancellations. We also insure people in the entire province of Ontario, not just Ajax. So give us a call for a free quote. We want to help you

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