How To Order Your Own Autoplus Report

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What is an Autoplus report?

Ever wonder what kind of information insurance companies store about you?

Want to have all the answers when you call an insurance company for a quote?

One of the things that insurance companies order when you set up a new car insurance policy is what’s called an “Autoplus” report.

Autoplus is, basically, a database that all insurance companies in Ontario subscribe to. It lists all of the insurance companies you’ve ever been insured with and it goes back decades. So, for example, if you had a car insurance policy when you bought your first car in 1991, that’ll show up on the Autoplus report.

Insurance companies, generally, can order your Autoplus report instantly. All they need is your driver’s license number. You, on the other hand, can order your own report too. But, your report will be mailed to you and it’ll take you a week or two to receive it.

If you want to order your own Autoplus report, you can do so by clicking here.

When you get your Autoplus report in the mail, here’s what you will find on it:

•Your insurance history, dating back dozens of years.

•Any accidents and claims you’ve ever had

•**Any claims made against you

•Any cancellations for things like non-payment, misrepresentation, underwriting reasons, and non-disclosure

•A list of all the vehicles you’ve ever insured

•And more

*** Claims made against you… Consider this example – You get into a minor fender-bender and you don’t want to call the insurance company to make a claim because you’re afraid it’ll affect your rates. So, even though you exchange info with the other driver, you both agree not to call in the claim (I’m not advising you to do this; I’m just saying it’s something that I know people do). Now, what’s to stop the other driver from calling their insurance company anyway? Nothing! He can call his insurance company and make the claim. When he does this, he’ll also give them your driver’s license number. That claim will then be recorded against you; it will go on the Autoplus report and then it may or may not affect your driving record (And insurance rates).

But anyway, you can order your own Autoplus report. Like I said, if nothing else, it’s cool to know what info insurance companies store about you. And, next time you call for a quote, you’ll be able to answer all of the questions.

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