Barrie High Risk Auto Insurance Broker

Are you considered a high risk driver in Barrie?

Did your auto insurance company tell you that they will not be renewing your policy because they consider you to be high risk? Or, are you trying to set up a new policy after buying a car and the insurance companies keep telling you that they’re not willing to insure you because of your driving record?

Does hearing this come as a shock to you?

If you are shocked, it’s probably because you think that the cost to insure your car will be to high now. Don’t worry, it might not be as bad as you think.

High risk insurance broker

I’m a high risk insurance broker that insures drivers in Barrie, as well as the rest of Ontario. And, I can tell you now – The rates in Barrie, even for high risk auto insurance, are still reasonable. Barrie is far enough from Toronto that the rate are still low. Basically, the further away you are from the GTA, the lower your rates. Aren’t you glad that you live in Barrie now?

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Who can be insured?

I can quote and insure people with good driving records, as well as people with bad driving records, the so-call “high risk” drivers. So basically, if you have accidents and tickets on your record, even serious convictions like Impaired Driving or Careless Driving, I can quote you. I can quote you if you live in Barrie, surrounding towns like Inisfil, Borden, Bradford West Gwillimbury, or anywhere else in Ontario.

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