What Is The Best Insurance Company For High Risk Drivers?

So you’ve been told that you’re a high risk driver, eh?

Now you’re wondering what the best insurance company for high risk drivers is, right? By best, I assume you mean the lowest rate.

Here’s the short answer – It depends.

Now the longer answer…

Ontario has 5 insurance companies that are willing to insure high risk drivers – Echelon, Coachman, Jevco, Economical, and Pafco. Actually, there used to be more but some, like Kingsway Insurance, have left the Ontario Marketplace.

Now, there isn’t one particular high risk car insurance company that is the best company for all drivers. Each of the companies mentioned have varying rates based on their risk profiles. Whereas one company might give the best rate to a certain person with an impaired driving conviction that lives in Toronto, that same company’s rates might be way off if that person lived in another city like, say, Ottawa.

So, all of the companies mentioned, Echelon, Coachman, Jevco, Economical, and Pafco, are the best for some drivers and not so good for others. What you should actually be asking, then, is which of the high risk insurance companies is best for you in particular?

The answer cannot be provided here. You need to call me to give me all of the info that I need to be able to do a quote. Then I can tell you, specifically, which high risk insurance company is best for you.

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