Can You Lie About Your Driving Record?

I just did a car insurance quote for a woman.

One of the questions I asked her was, “Have you had any accidents or claims in the last six years?”

Her answer… No.

I gave her the rate. She wanted to set up the policy. So, the next step was to order the reports for her driving record. Those reports include a driver’s abstract and an insurance history report. The insurance history report is called “Autoplus.”

She lied…

Well, what do you know… There were 3 claims on Autoplus – Two accidents that were her fault and 1 windshield claim.

Yet, she answered “no” when I asked if she had any accidents or claims.


OK, I get it… People try to get away with whatever they could get away with. But when it comes to insurance, you really can’t get away with a anything. All accidents and claims will be recorded on Autoplus, your insurance history report. All convictions will be recorded on your driver’s abstract. Those reports will be reviewed before a new policy is ever set up.

You can’t lie

So, no, you cannot lie about your driving record to get a better car insurance rate.

You can try to get away with saying that there are no tickets or accidents, even if there are. But it won’t work. It’s better to tell the truth up front. It will save you a lot of time and it will save your broker a lot of time.

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