Careless Driving – What Happens to Your Insurance Rates ?

What will you be charged with if you rear-end someone?

What will you be charged with if you hit a light-pole on the highway?

What will you be charged you with if you hit a stop sign at an intersection?

The most likely charge that the cop will give you in any of these three scenarios will be a careless driving charge.

Careless driving… That sounds scary, doesn’t it?

yep, it’s scary… that’s a serious conviction.

But, you might be most concerned with what a charge like this does to your insurance rates.

How does a careless driving charge affect your insurance rates?

The easy answer to that will be that your insurance will be surcharged by 50%, as that’s what most insurance companies will surcharge a serious conviction. However, it’s not exactly that easy. You are most likely insured with a regular-market insurance company, presently. When that insurance company finds out about the conviction, they’ll most likely decline to renew your policy. You’ll then be forced to get insurance through a high-risk insurance company. The base rate on a high risk policy is normally higher than with a regular market company. Then, they’ll add the 50% surcharge.

So, you’ll be paying more far car insurance following a careless driving conviction.

That’s the bad news.

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