Car Insurance Cancelled Due To A Cell Phone Distracted Driving Ticket?

Here’s the bad news…

Some insurance companies are treating those pesky cell phone distracted driving tickets as major convictions.

You know what that means?

It means that they’ll either increase your car insurance rates at renewal or they’ll even go as far as cancelling your policy altogether.

Well that sucks, doesn’t it?

It does. Too bad there aren’t two different classes for this type of conviction. I mean, people that text while they drive are a lot more dangerous than, say, people that check their messages while fully stopped at a red light. Nevertheless, Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act (HTA) doesn’t distinguish between the two scenarios – A conviction is a conviction and is considered as the same severity no matter the circumstances.

So now that you have the conviction on your driver’s abstract and the insurance company either increased your rates or cancelled your renewal, what do you do?

Call me. I can help.

I deal with over 15 different insurance companies, even some that still consider this charge to be a minor conviction. That means that I can shop the market for you to get you a good rate. Call me for a free quote.

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