Cheap High Risk Car Insurance Quotes In Toronto

What is a high risk driver?

It might be a little bit nerve-wracking to hear your car insurance company tell you that they consider you to be a high risk driver. I mean, you consider yourself to be a good driver, so how could this be?

Don’t let this get you down. It happens to a lot of people. Getting placed into the high risk category by an insurance company isn’t subjective; they don’t purposely single you out. Basically, if you hit one of there definitions for a high risk driver, they won’t insure you on a new policy or they cancel your renewal. The definitions are predetermined and that’s why I say that these types of decisions are not subjective. Their definition of a high risk driver could be as simple a driver that has three minor speeding tickets in the last three years or a driver that has two at-fault accidents in the last six years.

So, then, what do you do when your car insurance company won’t insure you because they consider you to be high risk? You shop around. You call a broker like myself.

Cheap rates for high risk drivers in Toronto

I’m an insurance broker in Toronto. Actually, I can quote and insure people in cities across Ontario, not just Toronto. I deal with all of the Ontario insurance companies that insure high risk drivers. They include Echelon, Coachman, Economical, Pafco, and Jevco. That means that I can truly shop the market for you to try to get you the cheapest quote possible for high risk car insurance.

Before you call, you should know that the rate might not be as bad as you think, especially if you’re over 25-years-old and have been licensed for more than six years. If anybody can get you a cheap rates, it’s me. OEven if you’re under 25-years-old, it doesn’t hurt to call for a quote. It takes just 5 minutes to do a quote over the phone.

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Whether you live in Toronto, the GTA, or anywhere else in Ontario, call me for a cheap high risk car insurance quote. My phone number is at the top of this page. Or, fill out the contact form and I will call you!

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