Cheapest Car Insurance Rates For Careless Driving Convictions

In my experience, most people that get careless driving convictions get them under the following circumstances:

  1. 1. They get into a car accident and the police charge them with careless.
  2. 2. They get charged with an alcohol-related offense, like impaired driving, and the charge gets reduced to careless in court.

Whatever the reason, though, their insurance company will normally cancel their renewal due to this conviction. This is because a careless driving charge is considered a serious conviction and most insurance companies will not insure drivers that have even one serious conviction.

So that prompts people to look for the cheapest rate given their circumstances.

Which company, then, has the cheapest rates for careless driving convictions?

Well, that depends. The answer is not straight forward.

Ontario insurance companies that insure high risk drivers

First of all, there are five high risk insurance companies in Ontario that insure people that have serious convictions. They are Economical, Coachman, Perth, Pafco, and Jevco.

There are many other factors that determine which of the five insurance companies will have the cheapest rate. In addition to the conviction, they will look at certain rating factors such as location, age, type of vehicle, and insurance history. So, where Jevco, for example, might have the best rates for someone with a careless driving charge that lives in Toronto, Coachman, for example, might have the best rates for someone with the same charge that lives in Ottawa. And, the other rating factors then get taken into account too.

So what should you do if you have a careless driving ticket? Call me. The phone number is at the top of this page. I deal with all five of the mentioned companies. With one five minute phone call, I can get quotes with all five and quote you the cheapest one from the bunch.

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