Commercial Car Insurance Quotes

Does this sound familiar…

You call an insurance broker and ask, “Can I get a commercial car insurance quote, please?”

The reply… “Sorry sir, we don’t do that.”

Then you call another broker and you get the same response. Then you call another. Same thing.

It turns out that not every insurance broker can insure commercial vehicles. Frustrating, eh?

We insure commercial vehicles

Don’t worry, just call me (My phone number’s at the top of this page). I’d love to give you a quote for your commercial vehicle. And, I can give you a great rate too. You see, a lot of people are afraid that insuring their vehicle on a commercial policy will cost a lot more. That’s not necessarily the case. a lot of times, commercial rates are quite similar to personal rates and, sometimes, even less. So don’t be afraid to call me.

Now, you might be asking yourself, “why do I need a commercial insurance policy for my car in the first place?” Well, it all has to do with how the insurance company classifies risks. If you use your vehicle for commercial purposes, like for example if you have a pickup truck that you use in your landscaping business, a personal-lines policy doesn’t have a classification for that. That means that a personal lines policy won’t cover you; it has to be a commercial policy.

If you try to hide the fact that you use your pickup for your landscaping business and try to get it insured under a personal lines policy and the insurance company finds out, they’ll end up cancelling your policy. And, there’s a very good chance that they’ll cancel it for “misrepresentation.” Getting cancelled for misrepresentation goes on your insurance record and puts you into a “high risk” category. You don’t want that because then your rates will truly skyrocket.

So, you need to insure your vehicles properly. And, if you use any of your vehicles for commercial purposes, get a commercial quote. You can call me for that.

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