Comparing Auto Insurance Quotes In Different Cities (Ontario)

You know how they say that where you live has an affect on your car insurance rates?

Is that fact or fiction?

Oh, it’s FACT alright. And, it can affect your rates big time.

So, just for kicks I did a few car insurance quotes to show you how where you live can affect your rate. I quoted the same fictional driver in various cities throughout Ontario. Keep in mind that it’s the postal code of where you live that affects your rates. Big cities, like Toronto, might have different rates in different parts of the city and it all depends on your own particular postal code. The following quotes are for comparison purposes for the same driver in different cities, all other things being equal (Your rate may or may not be the same).

Quote #1:

25-year-old, 2005 VW Jetta, full coverage, G licensed for 6 years, no accidents, no tickets. Quoted with Aviva:

Toronto (M3A): $3,002

Pickering (L1V): $2,389

Mississauga (L5M): $2,566

Brampton: (L6P): $4,097

Niagara Falls (L2E): $2,236

Sudbury (P3A): $1,806

Ottawa (K1A): $1,635

As you can see, the rates vary widely, depending on the city that you live in and the postal code.

Quote #2:

Now let’s compare the same driver and car, but add an at-fault accident that’s three years old and two minor speeding tickets. This time, I will quote with Perth insurance:

Toronto (M3A): $7,281

Pickering (L1V): $7,727

Mississauga (L5M): $6,982

Brampton: (L6P): $9,307

Niagara Falls (L2E): $4,480

Sudbury (P3A): $4,194

Ottawa (K1A): $3,259

It’s crazy what a difference the city makes, eh?

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