Can An Insurance Company Exclude You As A Driver?

Consider this…

You went out for dinner with your wife. It’s time to head home. She passes you the keys and says, “You drive. I’m tired.”

Your response…

“Sure! Errr ahhh, hold up… I can’t drive your car. Your insurance company excluded me from your policy.”

OPCF 28a

D’oh!!! You’re an excluded driver. You signed a form that forbids you to drive your wife’s car. To be precise and technical, you signed a form called OPCF 28a – Exclude Driver

That suuuuucks!!!

I’m not going to discuss the reasons why your insurance company excluded you from your wife’s policy, as there are numerous reasons why they might do so. You found this page because you already are an excluded driver and were searching for an answer to a specific question – Can an insurance company exclude you as a driver?

Yes. Yes it can.

Do you have to just sit there and accept that?


A broker has options

There are options. Most brokers will have options, so it’s time to call a broker. I’m a broker. Call me.

It’s quite easy for me to find an option with an insurance company that will insure the car that you’re presently excluded from and NOT exclude you from the policy. So call me. I can help anyone in Ontario that’s in this precise predicament. Then, next time your wife passes you the keys and asks you to drive because she’s tired, you’ll actually be able to do so.

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