Failure To Stop At Scene Of Accident

So you had an accident, eh?

But you didn’t stop. You drove off.

I know. It’s a split second decision… Should I stay or should I go?

Legally required to stop

You are legally required to stop. You need to assess the damage. If the damages appear to be more than $2000 in total (Both vehicles) or if there is damage to property, this needs to be reported. Worse yet, if there are injuries, these injuries need to be assessed and medical help needs to be provided.

You can do none of these things if you leave the scene.

When the police catch up to you, you’ll be charged with: Failure To Stop At The Scene Of An Accident.

Serious conviction

This conviction serious and it affects your insurance rates, big-time. That’s not to mention the massive fine that you’d be looking at for the actual charge. Not only that, the accident will affect your rates too.

If this happened to you, most insurance companies will decline to insure you because you’ll be considered high risk. Call me, I specialize in high risk insurance. I can still quote you and get you insured.

In the meantime, always stop if you have an accident. Assess the situation. Exchange documents with the other car. If there are injuries, consider medical attention, if required.

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