Can You Give The Insurance Company A fake Postal Code To Get Better Rates?

You know that your home postal code is a major factor in your car insurance rates, right?

OK, maybe you didn’t know that, but now you do.

So here’s the deal… Some areas in Ontario have high insurance rates and some have low insurance rates. These rates could fluctuate widely, all things being equal, and it’s all based on the postal code.

For example, the difference in car insurance rates with a Toronto postal code and a Northern Ontario postal codes could be thousands of dollars.

What are you supposed to do? You’re not just gonna pick up and move to Northern Ontario just to get a better rate, right?

So now you may be thinking, “Can I give the insurance company a fake postal code to get a better car insurance rate? Perhaps I can lie and say that I live with my uncle… or friend… or girlfriend… or some random stranger that lives in a better rated area?”

GREAT IDEA!!! That’ll lower your premiums!!!

Actually, it’s not a great idea… I was being sarcastic…


Don’t lie about your postal code. In fact, don’t lie at all when getting a car insurance quote.

You see, if you lie to the insurance company, whether it be about your postal code or any other important variable, it’s fraud.

Fraud is a criminal charge. And, don’t think that the insurance companies can’t catch you. They can. They’ve got experience with fraudsters. They know every trick in the book. They will catch you. And then you might just end up with a criminal record.

That’s not to mention that, if you lie on your insurance application, you run the risk of having your insurance claims denied.

Not worth it.

With that said, it’s still in your interest to search for the best car insurance rates for yourself. Call me – I’m a broker and I can shop around for you (But don’t call if you plan on lying, LOL). My number’s at the top of this page.

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