Are Handheld Device (Cell Phone/Distracted Driving) Tickets Considered Major In Ontario?

Ever notice that person driving in front of you that suddenly starts veering off onto the shoulder of the highway for no reason whatsoever?

Ya, she’s probably checking her most recent Facebook selfie on her cell phone to see how many likes it got. That’s what distracted driving does to you – It distracts you.

Distracted driver is more likely to crash

This is not good. And, you know what? Insurance companies are catching on. And why wouldn’t they? This is obviously dangerous. According to Service Ontario, a driver using a phone is four times more likely to crash than a driver focusing on the road.

As of now, most insurance companies in Ontario consider a handheld device ticket to be minor. But that’s changing. A few are now considering it a major ticket. I predict that more, if not all, insurance companies will begin to rate this ticket as a major in the coming years.

If you’re insured with one of the companies that consider this a major ticket, it will affect your rates big time. If you get dinged, call me; it might be worth your while to get alternative quotes.

And no more checking to see how many likes your new Facebook post got while you’re behind the wheel. That can wait.

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