High Risk Car Insurance Discounts With A CAA Membership

Good news…

Now there’s another way to get a discount on your high risk car insurance policy…

Drivers that have a CAA membership can now get a 5% discount on their car insurance policy!

UPDATE: Echelon car insurance policyholders can now get a discount on home and condo insurance with CAA. Call us for a quote.

Discount Is With Echelon Insurance

The 5% discount applies to any car insured by Echelon Insurance. CAA owns Echelon insurance and, so, they’re offering this discount to Echelon policyholders.

Echelon specializes in insuring high risk drivers. That includes drivers with multiple tickets, including serious convictions like DUI and Careless Driving, multiple accidents, insurance cancellations, and suspensions. Their rates are relatively really good to begin with, so throwing in the additional 5% discount makes it even better.

CAA Membership Cost

A basic membership costs $75/year, plus tax, for a total of $84.75. There are also higher levels of membership that costs more. We can go over those membership levels when you call us.

CAA Membership Benefits

Of course, the biggest benefit of having the CAA membership is a 5% savings on your high risk car insurance. The discount amount often covers the entire amount of the membership fee. So, you pay $84.75 for the CAA membership and then your car insurance is discounted by even more than that. The membership pays for itself. Then, you also get the following:

  1. 1. Emergency roadside assistance, including towing, locksmith, gas delivery, and more.
  2. 2. 10% off travel insurance.
  3. 3. Discounts at movie theatres (Cineplex).
  4. 4. Discounts at some restaurants, including Eastside Mario’s.
  5. 5. Discounts at some retail stores, including The Source and RW & Co.
  6. 6. Discounts at some hotels, including Best Western.

As you can see, getting a CAA membership is worth it. Call us for a car insurance quote. We’ll quote you with the CAA membership discount included. Then we can set up the CAA membership for you at the same time that we set up the new car insurance policy.

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