High Risk Car Insurance Rates

Often, I’ll get someone asking me for a quote with one specific car insurance company for one specific reason…

Like… I’d like to get a quote with Coachman Insurance because my friend is insured with them and his rates are awesome.

I wish it were that simple – If one insurance company has the best rate for one person, they have the best rate for everybody.

It’s not that simple

Unfortunately, it’s not that simple. Change one rating factor, be it a postal code, an additional ticket, a cancellation, age of driver, years licensed, etc, and that insurance company with the awesome rates for that one specific driver may not be so awesome anymore. With different rating factors, a completely different insurance company will have the best rates for that particular driver and her particular rating factors.

Your situation is unique

What I’m getting at is that your situation is unique. Your combination of age, postal code, and driving record will influence your rates with various insurance companies.

I deal with all of the high risk car insurance companies that operate in Ontario – Coachman, Jevco, Perth, Pafco, and Echelon. With one phone call, I can quote you with all five. Get a quote with all of them and that way it really doesn’t matter which company has great rates for your friend; You’ll get the best rate for you.

Call me. My phone number is 1-888-467-5499.

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