Insurance Companies That Insure High Risk Drivers In Ontario

I hope it never happens to you, but if it does, don’t worry – There are options…

What I mean is, I hope you never get that letter from your insurance companies that says they’re not going to renew your car insurance because you have too many tickets or accidents – ig. They think you’re “high risk.”

Getting that letter sucks… It doesn’t mean that you’re uninsurable – It just means you have to get insured elsewhere.

Although it sucks, I try to make it as easy as i could to find a new insurance company. I’ll walk you along the process, step-by-step.

First off, there are 5 insurance companies that insure high risk drivers in Ontario. They are:

1. Jevco

2. Coachman

3. Echelon

4. Perth

5. Pafco

I deal with all five of the companies. So, when you call me, I’ll try to find the one that offers the best rate and coverage, given your situation.

After i quote you, I’ll give you easy-to-follow instructions to set up the new policy and be on your way. You’ll be insured in no time.

Of course, I’ll also answer any questions you have along the way. That’s what i do – Try to make it easy for you.

If they told you you’re a “high risk” driver, call me for a quote: 1-888-467-5499.

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