High Risk Insurance Hamilton

Cheap Car Insurance Rates For Hamilton High Risk Drivers

You Know what? Just because your current car insurance company tells you that they won’t renew your policy because they consider you to be a high risk driver, doesn’t mean that you still can’t get cheap rates. You can!

We have cheap rates for high risk car insurance in Hamilton. In fact, we’ve had hundreds of happy customers in the Hamilton area, including Stoney Creek, Burlington, Brantford, and Grimsby. They’re happy because of our cheap rates and top-of-the-line customer service. We’re awesome!

So if you live in the Hamilton area and you’ve been told that you’re a high risk driver, call us for a quote. Our toll-free number is 1-888-467-5499.

Car Insurance Quotes With Echelon, Jevco, Coachman…

How do we have such cheap rates for high risk insurance? Simple… We’re insurance brokers that deal with multiple insurance companies. There are a handful of insurance companies in Ontario that will insure high risk drivers. They are Echelon, Jevco, Coachman, Economical, Pafco, and Facility Association. We’re one of the few brokerages that deal with all of these companies. So when you call us for a quote, we’ll check with all of these companies to see which one has the cheapest rate. We’ll then quote you the cheapest rate that we have.

High Risk Insurance Hamilton

We can insure Hamilton drivers with any of the following:

  1. Multiple tickets: Speeding, stop sign, distracted driving, fail to yield…
  2. Major/Serious convictions: Impaired, careless driving, DUI, driving while suspended…
  3. Multiple at-fault accidents/claims.
  4. Insurance cancellations due to non-payment.
  5. Driver’s license suspensions.

If you have any of these call us for a car insurance quote. We’d love to talk to you. And, the rate will likely be better tan you think.

We’re a full service brokerage. We also provide home insurance, condo insurance, business insurance. And, we have discounts, especially if you do property insurance and car insurance together.

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