Ontario Insurance Non-Payment Cancellations

Judging from the fact that you found your way to this page, I’m guessing that you’re probably having trouble getting car insurance because of recent non-payment cancellations.


Well, you’re not alone. It happens to many people.

Cancellations For Non-Payment

The industry takes non-payments very seriously. Cancellations for non-payment affect you… Bad!

Here’s the deal – You’ll always be better off if you make your payments – If you miss a payment, your insurance will get cancelled and that will affect your future rates.

If you make your payments, have a clean driving record with no tickets and no at-fault accidents, your rates will be low and you’ll be better off.

But of course, people make mistakes. Or there are unexpected bills and they can’t keep up with payments. That happens. But you know what I tell my clients? It’s better to cancel a policy yourself than to allow it to get cancelled for non-payment. if you cancel a policy yourself, it won’t affect your future rates. if a policy gets cancelled for non-payment, it will affect your future rates.

I’m not judging – Just trying to help you understand how things affect you. But of course, I can still help you, even if you’ve made mistakes in the past.

Monthly payments after insurance cancellations

If you’ve had two non-payments cancellations in the last three years and you live in Ontario, I could still get you a policy with monthly payments. But that would depend on the rest of your driving record. If you’ve had three or more policies cancelled for non-payment in the last three years, I can still insure you, but you would have to pay the policy in full.

Call me and we can discuss your particular situation.

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