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Jevco is a top-notch insurance company that began operations in 1980. They may be best known for insuring motorcycles, snowmobiles, and ATVs, but they also do car insurance. Specifically, Jevco specializes in non-standard auto insurance in Ontario (some people call it ‘high-risk’ insurance).

Insuring high risk drivers

There aren’t too many insurance companies in Ontario that insure high risk drivers (people with multiple at-fault accidents, major tickets like impaired or careless driving, and cancellations). Actually, there are only a handful of companies in the province that would take on such risks and that really makes Jevco a breath of fresh air.

One area where Jevco really stands out is that they offer shorter policies than the standard 1-year policies that most companies offer. You can also get 6-month and 3-month policies.

Benefits of shorter policies…

Here’s why shorter policies can be good for ‘high risk’ drivers – Say, for example, you have a serious ticket on your record, like failing to stop for a school bus. Now say that ticket expires in two months. If you get the usual 1-year policy, your insurance rates will be high for that entire year. But if you get a 3-month policy, that serious ticket will be off your record when the policy expires in three months – Then you can renew at a lower rate. That’s good stuff!

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