Kingston High Risk Insurance With Echelon, Jevco, Coachman, Pafco, Economical

Kingston High Risk Car Insurance

If you live in Kingston, Ontario and need to get a quote for high risk car insurance, you’ve come to the right place.

Not only are we the experts in setting up policies for drivers that are considered high risk, but we can truly shop the market for you to try to get you the best price. We deal with all of the high risk insurance companies in Ontario. With one phone call, we can quote you with all of them.

Ontario High Risk Insurance Companies

When you call, we will get rates from all of the high risk car insurance companies that we deal with. That includes the following companies:

  1. Echelon
  2. Jevco
  3. Pafco
  4. Coachman
  5. Economical

Then, we will pick out the best quote and offer it to you. If you want to set up the policy, we can do that to. We’ll give you easy instructions on how to set up the policy.

Kingston and area

Of course, we don’t limit ourselves to quoting only people that live in Kingston. If you live in any of the surrounding cities and towns, call us for a free quote too! So weather you live in Belleville, Shannonville, Gananoque, or any other town in the area, call us. Our phone number is at the top of this page.

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