Mid Risk Car Insurance Quotes

Looking for a mid risk car insurance quote? Sure! We do that. Call us. Our phone number is at the top of this page.

What is mid risk car insurance?

We have a call-back contact form that people can fill out to request that we call them back to do a car insurance quote. Last night, a guy filled out the form. In the message part of the form, he said that he was looking for a “mid risk” car insurance quote.

I’ve actually never hear the term mid risk before. We specialize in high risk car insurance. I can only assume that this guy thought that he wasn’t really high risk, that he only had a few dings on his record, not enough to be considered high risk. That was kind of true. He was on the borderline of being considered high risk with some insurance companies, but not with all insurance companies.

And, you know what? He was right. I was able to get him a really good car insurance rate, better than his current insurance company could do.

We deal with 16 insurance companies

We’re a full-service insurance brokerage. We can insure anybody that calls. In fact, we can shop the market to quote you the cheapest rate that we can. We insure drivers with spotless driving records, high risk drivers, and also the so-called mid risk drivers, as you already know. We deal with 16 insurance companies. When you call us, no matter your driving record, we get rates with all of the insurance companies that we deal with. From that we quote you the cheapest one.

Our brokerage is located in Toronto, Ontario, but we can quote people that live across the province. If you live in Ontario, call us for a car insurance quote. We’ll get you a cheap rate.

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