Car Insurance Quotes For People With Multiple Accidents

A funny thing happens when you have an at-fault accident…

Insurance companies don’t really want to insure you.

They might think that you’re not such a good driver and that you might end up causing more accidents in the future. You make one mistake and then you’re labelled a bad driver. It sucks, I know.

High risk with Two At-Fault Accidents

What sucks even more is if you’ve had two at-fault accidents in a period of 6 years. When that happens, the vast majority of insurance companies in Ontario won’t even quote you. With two at-fault accidents (Or more), they label you as ‘high risk.’

So what can you do if you’ve had multiple accidents? You still need to be insured to drive in this province.

The bad news, as you already know, is that most insurance companies won’t quote you. The good news is that there are still some that will and you can still shop around for the best rate, given your situation.

Your rates will still be high, compared to what you used to pay, but you can still shop around.

Be sure to call me. I deal with a few companies that are willing to take on people with multiple accidents. I can try to find you a competitive rate.

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