My New Project – The Shopping Mall

Sometimes I need to take a break from setting up high risk car insurance policies for my awesome customers.

When I have some downtime, I’m often walking around shopping malls around Toronto and the GTA. Sometimes it’s a big mall, like Eaton Centre or Sherway Gardens. Sometimes it’s a smaller mall, like Rockwood Mall in Mississauga or Cumberland Terrace.

I like how each mall has its own unique Character and feel.

Taking pictures

A few months ago, I started taking pictures of some of the stores that I passed in the malls. I took a picture of Nordstrom in Eaton Centre, which is soon to shut down. I took a picture of Right Time in Union Station. I took a picture of Spadana in Bayview Village Mall. I had hundreds of pictures of stores.

The shopping mall

I had all these pictures of stores and nowhere to put them. So I created a website to post all of these store pictures. Check out The Shopping Mall. I’ll be posting pictures of stores for many years to come. Then, in 25 years from now, I’ll look back on the pictures and feel nostalgic.

Commercial insurance for retail stores

And, you know what? We also do commercial insurance. We can set up a commercial insurance policy for any of these retail stores. Call us for a quote if you own a retail store.

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