How To Get The Best Insurance Rates For New Drivers

Are you a new driver?

Did you just buy a car?

Are you looking to get it insured?

If so, you’ve probably been calling around trying to find a decent insurance rate. But you also probably haven’t been having much luck, right?

Here’s the thing – Your rates are high because you’re a new driver, but you probably already knew that. The other thing that my be driving your insurance rates is that, as a new driver, you’re probably also young. Young drivers, those under the age of 25, pay more for insurance.

It gets better as you get older

Now, you might be freaking out over the quotes that you’ve been getting, but you should know that it gets better. Generally, for each year that you’re insured, as long as you didn’t get into an accident or received a traffic ticket, your rates will decrease. The first year is the worst. Gradually, year after year, your rates will decrease, until you’ve been accident-free for six years. At that point, you’ll pretty-much have the top driving record and you’ll be getting good rates.

Until you actually prove that you’re a good driver, you’ll pay more for insurance. Until then, your best bet is to shop around.

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