Cheap Rates For Ottawa High Risk Auto Insurance

Ottawa has cheap car insurance rates

One of the best things about Ottawa is that it’s far away from Toronto… Like, 5 hours away. That’s good, not because Toronto is bad, but because the further you are from Toronto, generally, the cheaper your auto insurance rates are.

Ottawa has cheap car insurance rates, especially relative to Toronto.

Those cheap rates apply to high risk auto insurance too!

High risk drivers – Call for a quote

So, if your car insurance company told you that they consider you to be a high risk driver for whatever reason, be it due to tickets, convictions, accidents, non-payment cancellations, or even the more serious convictions like Careless Driving or Impaired Driving, then call me for a quote. My number is at the top of this page. Or, fill out the contact form on this page and I will call you.

Of course, we can also insure people in areas surrounding Ottawa, including Nepean, Kanata, Arnprior, and Renfrew. The cities surrounding Ottawa have cheap auto insurance rates too! And, we’ll also quote people that live anywhere in Ontario (But we can’t promise that the rates will be as good as they are in the Ottawa area, though).

Additional discounts

When we set up a new car insurance policy, there are often additional discounts that our clients might be eligible for. Some of these might include discounts for having winter tires, multiple vehicles on the same policy, having a home insurance policy with the same company, and more. Each situation is different. We’ll cater the discounts to you specific situation.

Give us a call… Quotes take just 5 minutes to do over the phone. We’d be happy to quote you!

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