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Pafco specializes is insuring high risk drivers. That would include people with multiple tickets, serious convictions like careless driving, or multiple accidents.

If it weren’t for companies like Pafco, high risk drivers would have to be insured through the Facility Association. The Facility Association is a pool of risks shared by all of the insurance companies in Ontario. Basically, if no other insurance companies want to insure you, they all pitch in and share the risk (They have to do that because they can’t technically decline to insure anybody for car insurance, no matter the risk).

So, as you can imagine, being insured through the Facility Association is expensive. That’s why Pafco is a breath of fresh air. They take on the risks that many other companies are unwilling to take on, and they do it at lower rates than the Facility Association.

Pafco was one of the pioneers in insuring high risk drivers. The company was established about 25 years ago, a time when most high risk drivers had no choice but to be insured through the Facility Association. In its 25 years, the company has grown to be one of the leading high risk insurers in Ontario.

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