Petawawa High Risk Insurance – Quotes With Echelon & More

Petawawa High Risk Auto Insurance

If you live in Petawawa and you’re searching for brokers that can quote you high risk car insurance, look no more. I’m a high risk auto insurance broker and can give you a great quote. Call me. My number is at the top of this page. Or, fill out the contact form and I will call you.

I can quote all drivers in Petawawa and surrounding towns, including Pembroke, Chalk River, Fort Coulonge, and more. I can quote you whether you’re a high risk driver or a driver with a perfect driving record. Discounts are available too, depending on your individual situation.

Echelon, Pafco, Coachman & More

Why should you call me, specifically, for a high risk auto insurance quote? There are only a handful of car insurance companies in Ontario that will insure high risk drivers. I deal with all of them. That means that i can truly shop the market for you to try to get you the cheapest rate available.

These are the 5 companies that will insure high risk drivers in Ontario: Echelon, Pafco, Coachman, Economical, and Jevco. Of course, each one of the companies has its own underwriting rules and they won’t accept all drivers. Call me and we’ll figure out which one is the best for you.

Cheaper Than You Think

By the way, if you’re frightened because an insurance company told you that you’re a high risk driver, don’t be. The rates will probably be cheaper than you think. Here’s why… Rates in Toronto and the GTA are relatively high. However, the further you get from the GTA, the rates generally get cheaper. Fortunately, Petawawa is almost 400 KMs from Toronto and that’s a good thing.

Call me. I’d love to quote you.

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