Can You Insure Rebuilt Cars In Ontario?

Have you been trying to get a car insurance quote for your rebuilt vehicle and have been getting declined by the insurance companies?

That’s what usually happens when you try to insure a rebuilt car – Most insurance companies decline.

What is a rebuilt car?

Here’s how the Ministry of Transportation in Ontario defines a rebuilt car:

A “rebuilt” branded vehicle is a vehicle that has been previously branded “salvage” but has been rebuilt and inspected in accordance with regulatory criteria. In order to be able to drive the salvage vehicle, it must be upgraded to a “rebuilt” brand which can only be done if it has passed a strict structural inspection and passed a safety inception so it can be registered for on road use.

Here’s how a rebuilt vehicle ownership looks:

Ontario rebuilt vehicle ownership

So, as you see, rebuilt vehicles are roadworthy, as they have to go through a strict inspection to get registered in Ontario. Yet most insurance companies remain hesitant to insure them

Can you insure rebuilt vehicles?

Yes, you can insure rebuilt vehicles. However, as you likely already know, most insurance companies decline to do so. There are some specialized insurance companies that will insure rebuilt vehicles. You either have to keep calling until you find one of those insurance companies or you can simply call us; we can quote you.

Does it cost more to insure a rebuilt car?

No, it doesn’t cost more to insure a rebuilt car, technically. However, you normally shop around for car insurance quotes to find the insurance companies that have the cheapest rates. You can’t really do that much when looking to insure a rebuilt vehicle. That means that the rate likely won’t be as low as it otherwise would. It could still be cheap, though. Call us for a quote.

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