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Cheap High Risk Insurance In Sarnia


Insurance in Ontario might be a little strict, especially when it comes to defining high risk drivers. For instance, if you have three minor tickets in the last three years, most insurance companies consider you to be a high risk driver. I mean, if you get distracted for a moment at a stop sign or if you in a rush one day and end up driving over the limit, there’s a couple of tickets right there.

If you live in Sarnia and have too many tickets or accidents on your record for the standard insurance companies, call us. We can quote you a cheap rate. Just because TD Insurance or Belair or Desjardins won’t insure you, doesn’t mean that you still can’t get cheap rates. You can!


We’re experts in high risk car insurance in Ontario. We can insure Sarnia drivers that have the following on their record:

  1. Multiple tickets: Whether it be speeding, seatbelt, distracted driving, stop sign, following to closely, or any other HTA conviction, we can insure you.
  2. Multiple accidents: Sometimes at-fault accidents happen. We can insure you with at-fault accidents, even when other insurance companies will not.
  3. License suspensions: Whether is be for a major conviction like Impaired Driving or for demerit points, we can insure you if you’ve had a license suspension.
  4. Cancellations: Having a car insurance policy cancelled due to non-payment will hurt you with some companies. We can still insure you.
  5. Serious convictions: Have a conviction for DUI, Careless Driving, Driving While Suspended? No problem we can insure you.

When you call for a quote, we’ll quote you with all of the high risk insurance companies that operate in Ontario to get you the best rate. Those companies include Coachman, Echelon, Pafco, Jevco, and Economical.

Quoting Sarnia and surrounding towns

We not only quote drivers that live in Sarnia, but surrounding towns too. That means if you live in Petrolia, Dresden, or Oil Springs, you should call us for a quote too!

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