A Second At-Fault Accident Is Bad For Car Insurance

You get car insurance to cover you for accidents, right?

Yes, of course!

But what happens when you have an at-fault accident?

Well, at fault accidents affect your driving record and, so, affect your rates.

Accident forgiveness

With that said, most people qualify for accident forgiveness or partial forgiveness. You normally qualify for forgiveness if you have been at least six years accident-free at the time when your first at-fault accident occurs. So, that first one usually won’t affect you much, if anything at all.

Second accident

But what happens when you have a second at-fault accidents?

Well, that’s when things change. Most insurance companies in Ontario consider you a high risk driver if you have had two or more at-fault accidents in a six year period. If so, they will cancel your renewal and you will have to get insured with a high risk insurance company.

That might sound worse than it is. If this happens to you, call for a quote; it might not be as bad as you think.

On a final note, a not-at-fault accident does not affect your rates.

See my post on Ontario’s fault determination rules to see what accidents would be considered at fault or not-at-fault.

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