What Is Substandard Car Insurance?

You probably found this page because your broker mentioned that you now need to be insured in the substandard market.

But what the heck is that? What is substandard car insurance?

Substandard means high risk

Well, it’s just a term. Some people refer to it as high risk. Either way, it just means that you no longer qualify for regular insurance. It means that the standard car insurance companies will not insure you, probably because of your driving record.

So that means that you cannot call Belair for a quote. You cannot call Allstate for a quote. You cannot call State Farm for a quote.

Is this a problem?

Heck, no!!!

You can still get car insurance and it will probably be with one of the so-called high-risk or substandard insurance companies. That would include companies like Jevco, Coachman, Echelon, Pafco, or Perth.

Are these companies considered substandard?

Now, these are not really substandard companies. When you hear the word substandard, it tends to describe something that’s not good. That’s not the case with the companies I just mentioned. Insurance companies like Jevco, Coachman, Echelon, Pafco, and Perth are great companies and don’t actually refer to themselves as substandard. It is just the rest of the industry that might label them as such.

These companies often have relatively good rates for drivers that have gotten themselves into some trouble, be it because of tickets, accidents, non-payment cancellations, or any number of other things. And, did I mention that they’re all great companies? Yep!

So, if your broker or agent told you that you’re substandard, don’t worry. Call me. I deal with all of the high risk insurance companies that I have already mentioned. I can quote you. And, the rate will probably be better than you expect.

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