Sudbury High Risk Insurance For Drivers With Tickets And Accidents

High Risk Insurance For Sudbury Drivers

Is your insurance company cancelling your insurance because they deem you to be high risk?

Are you having trouble getting car insurance quotes because companies like TD Insurance and Belair say that you don’t qualify to be insured with them?

Then call me or fill in the contact form on this page. I specialize in insuring high risk drivers, people that have trouble finding insurance due to things like tickets, accidents, and cancellations on their record. I can help you.

Tickets and accidents are no problem

Whether you have multiple tickets like speeding tickets, stop sign tickets, or setbelt tickets, or if you have serious convictions like DUI, careless driving, or driving while suspended, or multiple at-fault accidents, that’s no problem. We can quote you and insure you at relatively low rates.

Low rates for Sudbury drivers

And, the rates might no be as bad as you think, especially since you live in Sudbury. Generally, the further you get from the GTA, the lower your car insurance rates are, and that includes rates for high risk insurance. Given that Sudbury is 400 km north of Toronto, your rates should be quite decent. This includes towns that surround Sudbury, towns like Killarney, Capreol, Elliot Lake, and West Nipissing.

When you call, I will make the process simple and easy. So call. I hope to hear from you soon!

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