Does TD Insurance Insure High Risk Drivers?

TD Insurance is a great insurance company and known for having relatively cheap rates. They even have a specialty division that goes by the name Meloche Monnex, that offers discounted policies to certain professionals, alumni, and employer groups.

But does TD Insurance insure everyone? Do they insure the so-called bad drivers?

High Risk Drivers

Most of the mainstream car insurance companies in Ontario do not insure high risk drivers. A high risk driver would be someone that has too many tickets or at-fault accidents on their record or, even, one major/serious conviction like DUI or Careless Driving.

Does TD Insurance insure high risk drivers in Ontario?

TD Insurance Does Not Insure High Risk Drivers

TD Insurance does not insure high risk drivers. Actually, they don’t use the term “high risk.” They use the label “uninsurable.”

From the TD Insurance website:

“If you have fines, arrests and convictions on your record, that might be a signal to an insurer that you are a big risk.”

So, yes, TD Insurance has relatively cheap rates for car insurance, but they’re not willing to insure you if they consider you to be a “big risk.”

Where to get high risk car insurance

So, if you’re too big of a risk for TD Insurance, where exactly do you get high risk insurance?

You have to call a high risk insurance broker. Call Roger Nguyen or Tino Buntic, two awesome Ontario high risk insurance brokers that can insure you car. Here’s their contact info:

Roger Nguyen: 416-646-1087

Tino Buntic: 416-646-0156

Roger and Tino can insure high risk drivers in Ontario, even if TD insurance considers these drivers to be a “big risk.” Roger and Tino can insure drivers with multiple convictions, at-fault accidents, license suspensions, and serious convictions like DUI or Impaired Driving. Call to get a quote. You might be surprised at how low the rates are.

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