What Is An Uninsurable Car Insurance Risk?

I recently had a distraught woman call me for a car insurance quote today. She was distraught because her current car insurance company told her that she was uninsurable and that they were going to cancel her car insurance renewal.

Uninsurable? What?!?!

Imagine that… An insurance company, a company that should know all about risks, thinks you’re uninsurable. How can that be?

Yes, that woman had good reason to be distraught.

What Is Uninsurable Car Insurance?

An uninsurable car insurance risk is when one particular insurance company thinks you’re too risky to insure and, so, will not insure you.

But you know what? That DOES NOT mean that you’re uninsurable and that’s why I hate that label.

Uninsurable is a terrible label. You know why? Because it’s WRONG!!!

You see, someone that does not qualify to be insured with one particular insurance company can still get insurance with a different insurance company. There are insurance companies in Ontario that specialize in high risk drivers, companies like Coachman and Echelon. These companies can insure drivers that other companies consider uninsurable, which means that they’re not actually uninsurable.

High Risk Car Insurance

A better label for someone that one particular insurance company considers to be uninsurable is high risk. Any particular insurance company might consider a risk to be too high for any number of reasons. Maybe the car is rebuilt and they do not insure that. Maybe the driver has too many tickets or at-fault accidents. Maybe the driver has a bad payment history. Whatever the reason, there will always be an insurance company willing and able to insure you.

I reassured the distraught woman that I can help her. And, I did. I gave her a relatively cheap car insurance quote with Economical. She was happy. Another satisfied customer!

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