What Does Reddit Know About High Risk Insurance?

I’ve come to learn that Reddit is a good source for genuine reviews, as it comes from real people. I just bought a red light panel from Amazon to help heal some joint injuries. It was an expensive purchase, so it was nice to read some reviews from real people on Reddit before making the purchase.

But is Reddit a good source of reviews for everything? I know for a fact that it’s not so good when it comes to insurance advice. I mean, I’m the insurance expert, especially when it comes to high risk car insurance in Ontario, so I should know. I’ve found a lot of bad advice on the site. I’ll show you a few examples…

Reddit Reviews

One user posted a question to ask if he would have a continuous insurance history if he cancels the car insurance policy on the car that he owns and gets a rental car. He’s in the high risk category and couldn’t afford to continue his payments. But he doesn’t want to break his continuous insurance as having continuous insurance could help his rates in the future. The top reply said that signing up with Zipcar would give you a continuous insurance record. Uhhh, no it wouldn’t.

Another user posted a question about using a friend’s address to get a better insurance rate. He lives in Toronto and his insurance is high due to his address and because he has a lot of tickets on his record. He has a friend that lives in Ottawa and the rates would be lower if he used that address. The top commenter suggested that all he has to do is change the address on his driver’s license and he can get the lower rate with the Ottawa address. Uhhh, that’s fraud.

Another user, who has a bad driving record, asks if it would be a good idea to to transfer the car ownership to a parent who has a good driving record and have the parent insure the car. That would be much cheaper, eh? The top answer suggested that this is the best thing to do in order to get a better insurance rate. Uhhh, this is also fraud.

By the way, folks, fraud has consequences, but that’s beyond the scope of this post. It is a criminal charge. Just don’t do it.

So what, then, do you do when you have a question about high risk insurance? Don’t go to Reddit. Call me. I’m the expert. My phone number is 1-888-467-5499. I’d be happy to talk to you.

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