What Is An MVR ?

Ever call an insurance company to set up a new auto insurance policy, only to have them tell you that they have to check your MVR first?

What the heck is an MVR?

And, why are they using insurance lingo? Can’t they just speak in layman’s terms?

OK, so this is what it is: MVR is short for motor vehicle report.

Still doesn’t explain it, eh?

It’s a driver’s abstract

I have no idea why it’s called a “motor vehicle report” because it has nothing to do with your car; really, all it is is a driver’s abstract, the same driver’s abstract that you can order yourself when you go to any MTO license office.

That means that an MVR will show the following things:

What class of license you have (ie. G1, G2, G, M, AZ, DZ, and so on)

The date you got licensed

Your date of birth

Your demerit points

Your license status (eg. whether or not you’re currently suspended)

Any tickets you’ve had in the last three years

Any license suspensions you’ve had in the last three years

And more

So there you have it… Now you know what an MVR is (It’s a driver’s abstract).

By the way, you can get your own driver’s abstract online through Service Ontario by clicking here (It costs $12).

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