Which Insurance Company Has The Lowest Rates ?

Has this ever happened to you…

You’re sitting around, hanging out with your friends, when the conversation leads to insurance rates…

Ya, of course this has happened to you… Doesn’t everybody talk about car insurance? Car insurance is such an interesting topic of conversation (That’s sarcasm, by the way!)

Then you start comparing what you pay to what your friends pay. And, it turns out that one of your friends pays A LOT less than you do.

How could this be? You and your friend are of similar age and drive similar cars. Why would your friend pay so much less?

You decide to get to the bottom of this. You figure that your current insurance company is probably ripping you off. So you call your friend’s company for a quote, expecting to get a similar deal. But you don’t get a similar deal. You get quoted almost the same as what you’re currently paying.


You just can’t get a break!!!

If only you knew which insurance company has the best rates in Ontario. Then you can just call them and insure your car at a good deal.

No particular insurance company has the best rate for all drivers

But, here’s the thing – There’s not one particular insurance company that has the best rate for ALL drivers. Every insurance company will specialize in certain types of risk profiles and give the best rate to people that fall into that risk profile.

For example, one company might specialize in drivers with perfect driving records that live in Oakville, while another might specialize in drivers with an accident over three years ago that live in Toronto, while another may specialize in drivers aged 50+ that have newer cars, while another may specialize in drivers with two speeding tickets that live in Sudbury, and so on and so on.

That might be why your friend has a much better rate than you – Perhaps he lives in the next town over, or perhaps he has one less ticket than you – There are so many variables that it would be hard to pinpoint it, but it doesn’t mean that your insurance company is ripping you off.

So what do you do? How do you find out which car insurance company has the best rate for YOU?

Call a broker

The best thing to do is to call a broker, like myself. Brokers tend to have contracts with many different insurance companies. That means they can truly shop a big chunk of the market for you. Take me, for example – My brokerage deals with 14 different insurance companies. When you call me for a quote, I can quote you with up to 14 of them in one shot to try to get you the best rate possible.

What are you waiting for? Give me a call. My phone number’s at the top of the page.

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