Windsor Auto Insurance Quotes For Impaired/DUI/Over 80

Have You Been Convicted Of Impaired Driving, DUI, Or BAC Over 80? We Can Insure You.

Do you live in the Windsor area and have been convicted of an alcohol charge like Impaired Driving, DUI, BAC over 80, or Refuse Breathalyzer? If so, you might be hesitant to call insurance companies for car insurance quotes because of the stigma associated with these convictions. Don’t worry. Call us. We don’t judge.

In fact, we have decades of experience insuring drivers in Windsor with these convictions. Not only that, we deal with all of the so-called “high risk” insurance companies that are willing to insure drivers with DUI-related convictions in Ontario, including Jevco, Echelon, Coachman, Economical, and Pafco. That means that we can truly shop the market to get you a cheap rate.

Cheap car insurance rates in Windsor

It’s probably also a good thing that you live in Windsor too. You see, the further you get from Toronto and the GTA, the lower the car insurance rates generally are. Windsor is a 4-hour drive from Toronto. That’s good!

So call for a cheap car insurance quote. It takes just five minutes to do the quote over the phone.

Insuring drivers in the Windsor area

Of course, we can insure drivers with alcohol-related convictions in the entire Windsor area, including surrounding towns like Amherstburg, Leamington, and Essex. Call us. We want to talk to you!

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