Why Did Jevco Non-Renew My Car Insurance?

Did you get a car insurance non-renewal notice from Jevco because your driving record is too good? Odd, isn’t it? A car insurance company that’s not willing to insure you because your driving record is too good. But, yes, that happens. And, that’s a good thing! Getting cancelled due to a bad driving record Regular […]

Can You Get Monthly Car Insurance With Two Non-Payment Cancellations In Ontario?

If you’re reading this, you probably realize that car insurance non-payment cancellations affect your rates and eligibility with most Ontario insurance companies for three years. It’s happened to you and you’re looking for help. Specifically, you’re likely asking if you could still get a car insurance on monthly payment if you’ve had two prior car […]

Matthew Herdsman – Top-Rated Toronto Permanent Whole Life Insurance Broker

Matthew Herdsman has been working with us for a while, but I never got around to introducing him. Now’s a good time! This is Matt. He’s our go-to guy for customers wanting to get life insurance quotes. He does all types of life insurance, especially Permanent whole life policies. He’s the best and is one […]

How Far Back Do Car Insurance Companies Look?

Why is my accident from seven years ago still on my record? This is a question that a recent client asked me when I was doing a new car insurance quote for her. There’s a misconception that car accidents clear off your record after a certain number of years, as tickets/convictions do. Tickets and convictions […]

Sudbury High Risk Insurance For Drivers With Tickets And Accidents

High Risk Insurance For Sudbury Drivers Is your insurance company cancelling your insurance because they deem you to be high risk? Are you having trouble getting car insurance quotes because companies like TD Insurance and Belair say that you don’t qualify to be insured with them? Then call me or fill in the contact form […]